Transparent Bralette

Transparent Bralette is yet another hot drop to our Sexy Bralette Collection!

We handcraft each bralette individually for a precise and comfortable loose fit.

Comes with top and bottom piece.


Size Chart:

Size Bust Waist Hip
M 25.2-31.5" 29.9-33.1" 25.2-33.1"
L 26.8-33.1" 31.5-34.6" 26.8-34.6"
XL 28.3-34.6" 33.1-36.2" 28.3-36.2"
XXL 29.9-36.2" 34.4-37.8" 29.9-37.8"
XXXL 31.5-37.8" 62.2-39.4" 31.5-39.4" 


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